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  1. De Extensions
    Types of extensions we undertake are *single storey *double storey *single pitched *double pitched *flat roof
  2. Loft conversions
    Types of conversions we undertake are *dormer conversion *gable end *pitched dormers *barn end *re-pitch *mansards *double pithed *balcony *velux *barn and gable end
  3. Carpentry
    Types of carpentry we undertake are *structural *roofs *windows *doors *flooring *floor joists *kitchens *sheds *portches *fencing
  4. home office
    We undertake any construction of home offices from your design or our own if it is your own we can calculate the beams we need to carry out the construction safely and to be structurally sound.
  5. Roofing
    *slate roofing *plain tile *flat roofing *new rubber roofing *flat roof velux *lead *ashphalt *fibreglass
  6. structual
    *steel beams *steel posts *flitch plates *supply and fit *calculations *surveys
From plans through to completion
It is more than just a home.